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Summary - Devozki
Name: Devozki Ads
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Look at any big escort directory such as Devozki, and you’ll see a huge range of gorgeous images. A good advertising photo isn’t just about showing off your body - it also expresses your personality and your style of service. For this reason, it’s important to get it right...and for many workers, that means hiring a professional escort photographer. But finding someone to create exactly what you need isn’t easy; you can’t simply book the first person that pops up on Google! There are a number of incredible photographers that service our industry - people who provide beautiful work and treat us well. Unfortunately, not all photographers meet these standards. Sex work on Escort Directory can also attract less desirable folk those who pursue the job for their own gratification, or try to profit from our industry without having the required skills. Sometimes they present themselves as experienced, but do substandard work. Or they may be excellent photographers, but make us feel uncomfortable with unwelcome advances or demeaning comments. I experienced this first-hand when I started out in the biz. Although I’d previously worked as a portrait photographer, I didn’t feel qualified to take my own photos. So I contacted someone who specialised in escorts, and booked my first ever ad shoot. The person I’d chosen was technically accomplished but they had terrible people skills. When I arrived, they seemed distracted. I was directed to change into lingerie and assume certain poses, but because I was so nervous it felt terribly awkward. They were cold and distant, and I had no idea if I was doing the right thing. When I asked to see a few of the photos during shooting, they refused. By the time it was over, I was convinced I was an utter failure. Although the images turned out well, the experience damaged my self-esteem. It left me feeling less capable, and definitely less sexy. It affected my confidence as a new Italian escorts. I know I’m not alone. Friends have shared some of their less-than-ideal experiences. Here are a few examples of the ways a shoot can go wrong. Escorts are professionals, and we deserve to be treated as such no matter our state of undress. An escort shoot isn’t a seventies porn set; your photographer bringing their sexual energy into the room doesn’t improve the art. Rather, it can feel awkward, uncomfortable or even unsafe. Body shaming is rife in the world of photography. But being skinny or conventionally attractive aren’t required for a good image. A skilled photographer knows how to work with all bodies, sizes, and skin colours...even if you don’t come out looking like a Playboy centrefold, your ‘tog should be able to capture your best qualities. If they accuse you of being unphotogenic, it’s not you; it’s them not getting a fair say. Sometimes, we’re led to believe that the photographer is the artist in charge, and we have to defer to them. This might apply to the kind of poses we’re expected to hold, for example. The photographer might insist on their preferred level of retouching, regardless of how you feel about it. Or they might not allow you to choose which photos from the shoot you’d like to use in your ads. This behaviour is maddening - after all, you’re the client, right And although you’re relying on someone else’s expertise, at the end of the day you should have the last word. poor photos, bad retouching, or going AWOL. Sometimes the problem is simply a lack of professionalism. A less experienced photographer might provide images that are badly photoshopped or take months to send you the final images. This kind of stuff shouldn’t happen, but unfortunately anyone can call themselves a pro! It’s totally possible to get caught out by someone who looks more proficient than they really are. So those are the problems - but how can we avoid them How can you be sure you’ll be treated well I can’t give you a foolproof solution. As with any other type of business, we never really know for sure if we’ve picked the right person until we work with them. But I do think there are some strategies that can help ensure a good expereince. Here they are... ask another escort for recommendations. A referral is a great way to find a good photographer. Talking with another escort about their experience gives you advance warning of whether the ‘tog is professional, pleasant to work with, and good at their job. Of course, one good experience doesn’t guarantee the next, but it’s a very good start. look at their previous work. Found someone you like Don’t forget to check their website and social media accounts. Look at ALL their past work - not just one or two pics. This is not just about beautiful images. It’s also about finding someone who has experience shooting your body type, and whose style works for your marketing. Checking out their past work can also give you an idea of how heavily they retouch their images; you may prefer anything from a light edit to a centerfold-style airbrush, and it’s best to find someone who suits your tastes get the specifics in writing beforehand. Avoid misunderstandings by hashing out details in writing. This could include price, length of shoot, number of outfits and deadlines for final images. It need not be complicated! Often it’s just a matter of having the conversation via email, and keeping it on file. If things don’t turn out exactly the way you agreed, you’ll have written evidence to back you up. These details should be readily provided to you. If your photographer is cagey about issues such as cost or deadlines, it could be a bad sign. Take a friend with you on the day Often, a good shoot only happens when you can relax on-camera. Even if your photographer is the loveliest person in the biz, you don’t know until you meet them, right Feeling stressed or unsafe might prevent you from getting the best possible images. If you’re worried about being alone (and undressed) with a stranger, ask to bring a friend along for moral support. I think a good photographer should respect your need to feel safe - if they say ‘no’ that’s a red flag, too! I’m happy to report that, since that first discouraging experience, I’ve met some wonderful photographers who take our industry just as seriously as we do. I believe we all deserve a ‘tog who will treat us with respect and leave us feeling great once the shoot is done. With so much at stake, I think it’s worth making the effort to find a photographer you can trust.

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