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RC Heli 3 in Coming!

  RC Heli 3 for Multiple Platforms Coming Soon! In the last 18 months, FrozenPepper has been working intensely  on the third generation of RC Products.  And we are are happy to finally announce the first of the new RC Games : RC Heli 3. The exact launch date is still unknown, but […]

RC Plane 2 Android version

We are very happy to announce that our partners at Ethervision completed the epic undertaking to bring RC Plane 2 to android devices,  you can check it out on the google play store :  RC Plane 2 on Google Play. and mostly tell your friends with Android devices !     […]

RC Plane 2 1.81 Update released

Thanks to user reports we were able to identify and fix 3 more bugs,  and today a new Update to RC Plane 2 is available: 1.81.   Here are changes: – Fixed a bug which led to gameCenter matches between users in different scenarios. – Fixed plane shadows on airfield […]

RC Plane 2 – Spot the difference

Just a teaser for the next update of RC Plane 2,  while working on new projects we will soon announce, RC Plane 2 1.8 update is shaping up nicely.    Great thanks for all the feedback you users continue providing us !

Rc Plane 2 1.65 Submitted to apple

Hi all, after about 24 hours of non stop work , yesterday evening we submitted to apple for review RC Plane 2 version 1.65 fixing the infamous accelerometer glitch, and some graphic glitches that where introduced on some devices. We have “begged” apple for an expedited review and if all […]

RC Plane 2 1.6 Bugs

Just released RC Plane 2 update and have received some bug reports about it, here is how to handle them : – Crazy graphics (it looks “inverted”),  close the application and relaunch it, it will solve the problem.(not sure yet what is the cause, but restarting the application solves it, […]