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CCP Server Windows

Windows Install the application, then a new icon will appear in your status bar allowing to control the server. Click it to obtain server infos as actual port. Note : Requires Windows Vista or superior Current Version   7/6/2017 – CCP Server 1.08 (64/32 bits)   DOWNLOAD  Fixed issue which prevented […]


CCP SDK allows developers and modders to send data from their application / game to CCP Application running on mobile device. Layouts on CCP can then display and the data.   SDK functionalities will be added with time, and at the moment you can send the following type of data […]

CCP Skinner

CCP Skinner allows users to create custom skins for CCP layouts. Download the CCP Skinner application to create skins. DOWNLOAD  (0.72) NEW DOWNLOAD (0.81) CCP Skinner is Java based application so to be multi platform.  Be sure to have the latest Java version installed for better performances.   We are providing an […]

CCP Server

CCP Server is a very small application that you have to install on your PC / Mac to let CCP Application on your mobile device communicate with your PC. CCP Server will by default be launched each time you start up your computer. Follow the links to download the version […]