We will expand this section as we receive questions, bug reports , issues etc…

– Windows reports that the installer or driver isn’t signed:

Certificates have recently expired, we are currently not planning on updating them, but application works just as well, so proceed allowing installation.


– Cant download / install server application :

Check your Antivirus : CCP is a new application and some modern antivirus have some kind of “reputation” system. Basically your antivirus could be blocking the download from our website.


– Windows :  After the installation it says “The application cannot be opened because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer”  or something along the lines that Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is missing:

Something went wrong with Visual Studio installation, check the following link to install latest version


– I can see my pc/mac in the server list, but connection always fails

Check your firewall and antivirus, sometimes also home routers have active firewalls by default.

(WINDOWS)- Other thing you can try is re-installing “Bonjour”, you can get the latest version from Apple at the following link :


– Can’t find my PC/Mac in the server list

The PC and the mobile device have to be connected to the same wifi network, or be connected via bluetooth.


– Server application doesn’t work / can’t connect

Try uninstalling “Bonjour” from your computer and re-installing the server application


– CCP Driver installation fails, CCP Server works but joysticks don’t.

Remove CCP Server from your PC and re-install it with Administrator privileges (right click on the installer and click “Run as Administrator”)


– How do uninstall the server application :

on Windows: Close the server – Control Panel – Applications –> Uninstall

on Mac: Close the server – Go to your applications folder – Move the CCP server app to trash –> Empty trash


– What is the “Safe” toggle for in button settings ?

“Safe” buttons will require a double tap to transmit their input. Use this to be sure to tap an important button only when needed avoiding the risk of tapping it by accident