Mr. Smith


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Mr. Smith can be anybody you want, your boss, colleague, whoever annoys you; punch, kick him or even strike him with an asteroid. Now with Ragdoll Lab, where you can drag Mr.Smith 3D ragdoll around with your finger, trow him, shoot him, “launch him” and more…. Mr. Smith doubles his functions with a Game mode, which at moment brings 4 games to unlock (all 3D) and replay whenever you want including a driving game where you have to run over Mr.Smith while racing against the clock in great looking 3D town, and Smith Shooter, where you shoot a 3D ragdoll trough a town avoiding buildings and blimps, helped by exploding barrels in the quest for the longest shot!

Hope there is no need to say that this application it’s thought to relieve your stress on the phone instead of sponsoring real violence against the certain person.

  • 2 play modes : Stress reliever and Game
  • Ragdoll Lab : full 3D ragdoll physics for the fun of Mr.Smith
  • Sink Mr. Smith with your pirate cannon
  • Smith Buster : run over Mr.Smith with your car in a 3D town
  • Whack-him-hole : hit the Smith’s with your finger..
  • Kick, push, punch him with your fingers
  • Smith Shooter
  • Explode him
  • Asteroid strike
  • Baseball bat…. Hit Mr.Smith using the accelerometer
  • Change Mr.Smith dress (many more will come soon)


  • IPAD vers 1.2
  • IPAD vers 1.3


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