RC Plane 3 v1.2 Arcade Mode

Thanks to the great feedback we have received we are working on next big improvement to RC Plane 3 which will be “Arcade” mode bringing RC Plane 2 physics to RC Plane 3.

Users will be able to switch between Arcade and Simulation mode form the main menu and all game modes and planes will be available on both.

This will allow more casual flyers to enjoy all the new features of Plane 3 without having to commit to the more unforgiving physics of a true to life simulation of your plane ,  while real life RC Plane pilots, newcomers that want to learn the real thing and in general simulation enthusiast  can experience the RC Plane 3 physics in all it’s glory choosing simulation mode.

Arcade and Simulation mode will have separate scoreboards for each game mode keeping the challenge fair for Simulation mode fliers.

We can’t yet share a precise release date for version 1.2 bringing Arcade mode, but expect it soon.

Leave your feedback and ideas in the comments section below or contact us at  feedback@frozenpepper.it   or check RC Plane 3 on the AppStore (LINK)