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Radar Commander Feedback

To help us improve Radar Commander, feel free to provide feedback, bug reports, ideas and suggestions. Use the comment section below, email us at radar commander@frozenpepper.it, reach us www.facebook.com/frozenpepper  or  twitter @frozenpepper    

Infinite Canyon Feedback

We are constantly working to improve our titles, and truly appreciate our users involvement and suggestions so feel free to provide any idea, suggestion or feedback you would care to share. To do this you can use feedback@frozenpepper.it, facebook, twitter or the comments below. Great thanks for helping us improve […]

Castle of Cards V1.1

Dear Player, thanks for following the link and reaching this page. We are working on the first update for Castle Of Cards and have many ideas about what to add 0r improve : More cards to build with ! Performance improvements for huge castles. Selectable difficulty with independent scoreboards New […]

RC Plane 3 Input Mapping

Getting your USB joystick running with RCPlane3 on a Mac If you run into any trouble, there is a free utility on the Mac App store called Joystick Doctor. This program will allow you to confirm the Mac sees and can properly communicate with your Joystick.   When you are […]

RC Plane 3 device support

Hello fellow user, you are probably here because RC Plane 3 said your device is not supported, well… it could be … . So here you will find a list of our minimum required devices. If your device was released before the ones in the below list, it means that you […]

RC Plane 3 F.A.Q.

RC Plane 3 Frequently Asked Questions – Why my Plane can’t roll, controls feel slow and plane is boring to fly  ? From the in-game options panel (accessible from the pause menu where you see scenario map) , in the first section (General) you can select the difficulty mode, that will […]


Info and FAQ for FrozenPepper Account If you have any questions or feedback about the features or use of your FrozenPepper account, email us at : support@frozenpepper.it. Questions will be answered and added here for other users.