Sound Maps – Paint your soundscape !

Sound Maps is our first publicly released asset for the Unity Asset Store for developers. Developed out of a common need in our games Sound Maps allows to setup, rapidly and precisely, very complex soundscapes that would be either impossible or require a lot of work, code and setupping via […]

RC Plane 3 – STEAM version RELEASED!

Super happy to announce that RC Plane 3 is now available on Steam !  With joystick support, higher res textures (and models in some cases), image effect, anti aliasing and many other platform specific improvements, run download you copy now : RC Plane 3 on Steam link   Please notice […]

RC Plane 3 – Now on Steam Greenlight

Happy to write that we finally released RC Plane 3 on Steam Greenlight ! Run to vote for us at :Steam (link) Together with Steam version we have been working on a ton of improvements to plane physics, graphics, multiplayer and much more, so expect an even better simulation on all […]

Radar Commander on Steam Greenlight

Happy to write that Radar Commander is now available to vote for on Steam Greenlight ! Help us to bring the experience to the huge screens (compared to iPhone and iPads) of PCs and Macs.   (click the image or follow this link :