RC Plane 2 1.70

Very happy to say that a new update for RC Plane 2 is available for download.

We have added a total of 7 new “planes” to flight :

War Planes 2 bundle including :

-F171 (4CH)

– A110 (4CH)

– Bo 202 (3CH)

Airliners 2 bundle including :

– ART 500

– A 830

– Gulf Particle

And a free for all Super-Turbo-Cool RC Santa sled !

New musics added plus restyle of some of the old ones as a special 2013 gift!

Complete edition in-app purchase :

Having received many requests for it, and having RC Plane 2 grown so much in the years (and it will keep to), we are introducing RC Plane 2 Complete Edition,  purchase it once, and have all actual and future in-app purchases unlocked, plus an high quality “Best of Rc Plane 2” downloadable soundtrack album.

And to thank the many players who have followed RC Plane 2 through it’s evolution, we tried to implement a system that detects users who have already purchased various in-app purchases and offer to them Complete Edition with a HUGE discount.

Great thanks for the feedback you have provided, please keep it coming !

The FrozenPepper staff wishes you a merry Christmas!