Rc Plane 2 – Submitted to Apple

Rc Plane 2 version 1 is finally ready, we sent it to Apple for review  (we need Apple’s approval before the game can become available on the appStore), so hopefully in a few days it will be available !

We are VERY VERY thankful for all the comments, feedback, suggestions , and support, you have posted on our site (or via email) and will continue listening to them as Rc Plane 2 will receive many updates adding functionalities, game modes, planes and bringing improvements in general.

Here are some screenshots from Release version of plane :


Have read a lot comments about the pricing so will share some info about it.

First thing, let me remember you the pricing scheme of Rc Plane 1 (the actual one) :

–  with 0.99 $ you can download Rc Plane and get 2 planes and free flight mode. Race mode sells in – app for 1.99, while single planes cost 0.99$


With Rc Plane 2 we wanted to give MUCH more to players, we made the engine in such a way that we could add game modes and planes with way less effort and memory use than previous Rc Plane, so we could provide much more content for less price.

So, here is Rc Plane 2 pricing scheme :

– Game will be universal, meaning that same version will work on your iphone 3gs, ipod Touch 3g (not the 8 gb one as it’s hardware is basically the same from the 2g ipod touch….), iphone 4, ipod Touch 4g, iPad 1, iPad 2.  We are still deciding the price,  will be 0.99 or 1.99 $

– With 0.99 or 1.99  $ (the main game)  you will get   2 scenarios , Free Flight mode and Air Racer mode with  6 tracks for each scenario (12 total tracks) and game Center scoreboards and achievements, a 3ch cruiser plane (the white one), a 3ch Jet Plane (the mig 29 like), 4 Ch cruiser plane (red one), and 4ch Stunt plane (biplane). Also there will be 5 training lessons starting with 3ch Planes take off, reaching advanced rudder use with 4Ch planes.

– The other planes will mostly be sold in app through “bundles” here are some bundle examples :

  • Birdcatcher bundle includes : Bird catcher game mode (10 missions across 2 scenarios), 3Ch stunt plane (the white/blue one),  for
  • Roadrunner bundle includes :  Road runner game mode, fighter jet plane (4ch)
  • Air Bus bundle includes :  Airbus game mode,  airliner Plane (3ch, green one), airliner  plane (4ch , red one), Jumbo airliner plane (4 ch, 747 plane)
  • Cargo bundle includes  :  Cargo game mode, cargo plane (4ch)
  • Firefighter bundle includes : Firefigther game mode, firefighter plane (4ch), Hydro cruiser plane (4ch)
  • Carrier Ops bundle : Carrier ops game mode, F4 corsair plane (4Ch), jet fighter plane plane (4ch)

Bundles will sell for 0.99 – 1.99 according to how many planes they bring.

– With updates, Rc Plane will bring more game modes and planes, we are working actively on a very cool combat mode, air mail mode,  and various multiplayer options, plus tons of new planes will be introduced with updates.

We wanted to keep the starting price of the game very low, as we think that a lot of people will use the app mainly for free flight and maybe even get some “training” from the game. While the user progresses, if he likes the game, he can then spend more into it and enhance the experience gradually. This allows us to have a low price, appeal a wider audience, and still be incentivated in updating and extending the app (and your feedback will be fundamental !) .   We are considering the possibility of releasing a “Gold” version with all content unlocked at a higher price point.


We will be posting soon a better descritption of each game mode, so stay tuned…


Again, great thanks for all the support we have received !