1948: Dawn Of Future – Submitted to Apple!

P308 chasing an enemy

Hello everyone!
We’re really proud to announce that we have finally completed and submitted the version 1.0 of our latest game “1948 Dawn of Future”! It’s now in the approval stage and it will be available on the Apple Store in the next few weeks.
It’s time to show you more screenshot and talk about some of the features!

– Free to Play!
– Online dogfighting / co-op game with rpg structure.
– More than 70 levels and ranks available.
– 3 maps (2 included from the beginning).
– 8 unique airplanes  with different characteristics and 3d cockpits.
– Customize your plane with liveries and colors!
– More than 100 items to buy and install on the planes, including various kinds of devastating primary weapons, homing missiles, rockets, bombs, radars, upgrades and much more!
– Different game modes: Team dogfight (up to 4 players), Capture the Flag (up to 4 players), Bomb the Base (up to 4 players), Invasion Survival (Single player or CO-OP up to 2 players).
– Game Center support. Invite your friends,  online or mixing friends and random players.
– Many achievements to unlock!
– Share your successes on Facebook and Twitter!
– Dynamic match making based on levels.
– 3d cockpit view mode with gyroscope (move your device and look everywhere!)
– Graphic scalability: the game adjusts itself to run as smooth as possible on nearly all devices.
– Much more… you’ll discover while playing 🙂

P308 in Gobi Desert
U.S. Onyx fighting some ufos!

We know you want to try it! We are really looking forward to play with you all and know your impressions!
Hold on, the countdown begins! 🙂