RC Heli 2 v1.1 update available !

We are very happy to share that the first update to RC Heli 2 is almost ready and will soon hit the appStore.

For this very fast, first, update we focused on the controls and heli physics improving both quite a lot.

– We have improved the touch area for the controls, implementing a margin at side of screen, to avoid “loosing the finger out of the screen”, and help reach max input on all axes on all devices (iphone cases for example, made it difficult to reach the bottom of touch area).

– Also we now have use customizable sensibility for each axis of each stick ! Each setting will be saved and stored based on the heli used, so you can have different stick settings for different helis. You will be able with the small button on the bottom right corner of screen to show or hide the sensibility controls

– All helis physics has been improved and tweaked, resulting in more stable and realistic flight

– “Stuttering” on some helis and devices reduced exponentially

– Fixed bug that didn’t load the “remote mode” settings chosen by user

– Fixed the position of a coin in the 4th race track

– Hum… more..

Stay tuned for more info !



EDIT : Update is available on the appStore !   ALSO, race mode bug has been fixed without requiring and update.