Rc Plane 2 1.2 update AVAILABLE !

We proudly announce the RC Plane 2 latest update (1.2) is available on the store !

We really hope you will enjoy it, and want to thank you for the continued support, feedback and suggestions we have received till now, GREAT THANKS !


UPDATE :   WW2 Ops game mode is still being reviewed by apple, should be purchasable in the next very few days / hours… Will obviously let you know as soon as it will be available…  sorry for the inconvenience….




Here are the main features coming with this update :

– Added support for Game Center invitations !
– Added “WW2 Ops” purchasable game mode with 3 planes included*  (waiting apple approval)
– New soundtrack for “WW2 Ops” game mode!
– Improved in-app purchasing system
– Improved sound effects
– Bullet sibling sound effect (cool when in air duel mode !)
– Improved memory handling, meaning much less crashes on older devices.
– Improved Air Duel game mod
– Many Bug fixes
– Fixed Firefighter crash
– Improved jet engine sound
– Improved button positioning (Cargo and duel mode especially)
– Rearview camera (both in multiplayer and single)
– MORE…..

– No additional free planes in this version, but expect some from next update, we wanted to add “ww2 Ops” mode and fix as many bugs as possible in this version, so we didn’t manage to add other planes in time… but they will come..

*German fighter unique plane is unlocked if you complete all the “WW2 Ops” missions. Once unlocked it’s possible to fly it in multiplayer as well.

Warning: WW2 Ops Expansion won’t be so easy to complete, it takes some skill and patience if you want to play all the 9 missions of the campaign. Show us what you can do, people.

Here are a few handful tips:

– When using the bomber with automated turrets, try to fly circling your target. Slower and smoother your flight will be, more accurate will be your turrets.

– Keep in mind you can get your airplane fixed and some extra-time by landing on airstrips.

Let us know what you think about the update. We hope you’re gonna have some fun with it.

The Frozen Pepper  Team