More info on RC Plane 2

Here I am to share some more info about RC Plane 2 progress and actual state.

Rc Plane 2 and RC Heli 2 share the same basic game engine, and we made in such a way that most of it is very easy to adapt to both project, so a lot of the work (menu system, game saving, in-app purchases , leaderboards, in game user interface etc)  done for RC Heli 2 has been used on RC Plane 2, reducing development time and allowing us to focus on graphics, physics and gameplay improvements.  I’m personally really excited about how the new version is coming and the super cool new scenarios make the game a pleasure to play ! (game “testing / playing” is taking a lot of time from us 🙂  )


  • Physics for plane has been seriously re-written and modified, resulting in a more realistic and smooth flight experience
  • Graphics (check the gallery) are tens of times better than graphics for RC Plane 1, this was achievable thank to a much updated game engine and supporting only devices from the 3rd generation (from the 3gs and on…)
  • MUSIC ! Davide Cecchi is working on a incredible soundtrack for the game capable of making free flight with a “easy plane” a truly relaxing experience !
  • New planes, new RC Plane will ship with MANY new planes
  • Water landing planes !  YES we have planes that can land on water (and one that can load and dump it 🙂 …. more info on this will come later on)
  • 2 Scenarios at launch !  New RC plane will ship with 2 fantastic new scenarios, 1 of which will be the “standard” scenario, HUGE , and the other will be smaller (the one shown in the images of the gallery) and more focused on certain gameplay modes.
  • Combat ! As RC Heli 2, new RC Plane will have combat mode
  • Customizable planes ?!   we are working on many user personalization options, controls stick sensibility, input trimming (useful for elevator), and in some planes even some physics adjustments
  • AI Birds !  Birds will fly around the scenario adding a lot to realism and general immersion. BUT they can crash your plane to ! (plus, will be the stars of a game mode 😉 )
  • MUCH, MUCH, but really MUCH more…..

We have recently worked and implemented a new sky technology that improved a lot the overall look of the game (after all sky takes a big part of screen in a airplane simulation…), you can check it out in the gallery… Next on the list is to improve the sound effects engine we have now, so to have smoother sound transitions when needed.

I can say that game is probably 70% complete, and we expect to complete it in the next 2/3 months.

We appreciate very much all user feedback, so don’t be shy and share all your ideas / comments / suggestions with us, we’ll try to implement / fix / adjust all that we can.

NOTICE : screenshots where taken from an iPad 1, top part of user interface has big problems, all might change from now till release 🙂