Rc Plane 2 1.2 update preview

We working hardly on next RC Plane 2 update since some time now, and while not yet finished (probably still 2/3 weeks from completition), here is some fast info about it.


RC Plane 2,  version 1.2, will bring :

– First thing, we are fixing GameCenter invitations so that with next update you will be able to play with your friends way better than now.

–  Combat mode will be one of the main features of next update bringing more than 8 missions of single player RC combat, ranging from fighter to bomber plane missions.

– Original Combat mode soundtrack !  ( we’ve done a lot of work on this, expect some way better music integration in this game mode than in other ones)

– New button on screen ,  “REAR VIEW”, very useful when hitting ground targets or playing air duel

–  Gigantic memory handling improvement, meaning MUCH less crashes on older iDevices.

– better performances

– many other fixes….


I’m attaching 2 fast screenshots of the new combat mode, stay tuned for more info soon