Rc Plane 2 Air Duel


Here I am to post some infos about  the new feature that will very soon be available for RC Plane 2 : Multiplayer Air Duel !

First thing, when will it come and why it took so long ?
We have had some last minute issues with the game (found a bug 🙂 ) and had to block the release of the version we had already submitted to apple, fixed the nasty bug and re-submitted to apple for review, should be available on the appstore soon (crossing fingers…), hopefully some time next week.


The Basics

With RC Plane 2 version 1.1 (the upcoming update), a new button has been added to main menu : “Multiplayer” allowing you to chose the scenario and game mode you wish to play with other players.

Air Duel multiplayer game mode will place you and your opponent (actual version of Air Duel supports 1 vs 1 only, but we are working on extending that to 2 vs 2), at the opposite ends of a runway, rules are easy, (you can’t be shot down or hit your opponent while over the runway ) take off and shoot down your opponent …

Air Duel matches will end once one of the players totals 3 kills (he will win), or crashes / gets shot down 5 times (he will loose and opponent will win). You will be able to instantly repeat a match once ended. Also, if one of the player disconnects, you will not have to reload the scene, or go back to the main menu, you can continue flying and press the “Find Match” button that will appear on screen when ready to duel again.


The Weapons

Planes are equipped with a “air soft cannon” .   Cannons will shoot short burst of bullets and each plane as a different burst rate and length.   Bullets behave as real bullets, meaning that will follow a trajectory responding to laws of physics, this will require some fast calculations when shooting at “distant” and moving targets.    We are working on a more advanced combat experience (with missiles etc) but it will come together with “Combat” game mode when that will be ready.   You will notice a ammo indicator in the top right corner of the screen, landing on a airstrip (have to stop ON the runway) will reload your weapon (and fix your plane).

The Planes

Not all planes in RC Plane 2 will be selectable for the various multiplayer game modes, and this applies to Air Duel to.  Each plane has a different hull strength allowing it to resist to more or less enemy shots. Once your plane hull has less than half of it’s original strength your plane will start emitting a dark smoke and will handle a little worst the before.   Land on a airstrip to fix it (and reload your weapons).

We are still working to improve plane performances, selection, weapons and general game balance, so expect further improvements and additions in future versions.



We will soon provide more info, and especially, answer your questions so use to comments to know more.

And, sorry for the probably immense amount of mistakes in the english text, not my main language, but should be better than google translate 🙂 ….