RC Heli 3 in Coming!



RC Heli 3 for Multiple Platforms Coming Soon!

In the last 18 months, FrozenPepper has been working intensely  on the third generation of RC Products.  And we are are happy to finally announce the first of the new RC Games : RC Heli 3.

The exact launch date is still unknown, but we will have a beta release in the early fall.  Other major news is that RC Heli 3 will be available for PC and Mac as well as iOs and Android,  it will also support Oculus Rift natively.

RC Heli 3 New Features:

  • Totally new and very realistic physics simulation which allows us to have a various difficulty modes covering the pro fliers who are looking for a realistic simulation as well as beginner fliers looking for an easier game experience. New system allows for correct simulation of various types of RC Helis such as fixed pitch, collective, coaxial, quadcopters, etc…
  • Very advanced scenario streaming technology,  allows RC Heli 3 to have a stunning amount of details scattered across it’s scenarios, and coupled with a custom  LOD  system  allows RC Heli 3 to run on a wide of variety of devices and platforms without feeling a “port”.
  • Advanced input system for PC and Mac allows players to use regular joysticks and game pads, as well as pro RC equipment to control the game.
  • Impressive soundtrack and audio design.
  • “FrozenAccount” : users will be able to create and log into a “FrozenPepper  account ” which will allow them to bring progress and purchases across platforms (ex: start playing at home on Pc or console, and then continue on your mobile device)
  • Scenario settings :  control Wind intensity and direction as well as  time of day.
  • And so much more….

Stay tuned for more info.

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