DroneGP 15 multiplayer alpha


We are realising what we are calling a “Multiplayer Alpha” of DroneGP 15 ,  this will help us test and improve our new multiplayer engine, while users will hopefully have a LOT of fun racing high performances drones in the alpha version tracks !

We will continue to update the alpha version with fixes and improvements so stay tuned for more info and releases !

Head to the forums to discuss about the game, about the many bugs you will find, the buggy gui, the super fun time you had etc..


While it is not required, we strongly suggest to create a FrozenPepper account within the game to submit your scores, display correct username in multiplayer and many other future features.



Alpha version is limited to 1 class of vehicles and 1 track. The vehicles you will be driving are in the “pro / intermediate” side, so a bit of practice is required to perform decently. GUI is rough and much will change, but it should give a great idea of where we are headed.
Game supports joysticks and RC remotes, reach the settings panel from the main “Pause” menu > map input .

R key to reset your vehicle position. (you might crash you vehicle or get stuck 😉 )
Use W and S keys to control height, flight controller will try to maintain height once you release height inputs. A and D keys control the vehicle yaw, basically where it points at.
Up and Down arrows control the Pitch of the vehicle responsible for forward and backwards movement.
Left and Right arrows control vehicle Roll , allowing you to move laterally and counter inertia in curves similarly to a motorbike.
C key to change camera : 1) Third person view 2) FPV with 130° wide angle lens 3) Cinematic scenario camera, tracks first player.



In Race mode, we have a height limiter on the vehicles to keep them in the track bounds (done limiting engine power of vehicle based on height ), so you might experience odd behaviours when the vertical indicator on the right side of the screen reaches the yellow leds. This happens because avionics can’t provide enough power to keep height and stability. So basically, fly low !



Latest version (0.80a)



OCULUS Optimised 



Version 0.80a (29/3/2015)

– Performance improvements

– GUI Fixes

– Other performance fixes

– New Joystick code, should allow more precision on “circular joystick” (as xbox 360).

– Many improvements on Oculus integration.

– Oculus optimised version, now comes with a a separate download.




Version 0.79a (15/3/2015)

– Performance improvements

– A Bug was preventing quality settings selected at game launch to carry to the actual game, so basically now Quality Settings WORK.

– Huge improvements in multiplayer code, new serialisation system and no more memory allocations due to networking, resulting in smoother multiplayer experience.

– Other bug fixes.



Version 0.78a (7/3/2015)

– Main menu introduced

– 3 Tracks available

– New beach style track

– Cinematic camera mode improvements

– A ton of Oculus related improvements

– Fixed crash that could arise when a player joined a multiplayer server

– Bug Fixes

– Other bug Fixes


Version 0.7105a (23/2/2015)

– Improved vehicle handling

– FPV mode overhaul, fixed camera positions and field of view

– New scenario camera system introduction, hit “C” to  cycle available cameras.

– OCULUS : fixed mouse position bug

– OCULUS: Fixed track map not displaying.

-Other  Bug fixes


Version 0.70a (19/2/2015)

– News system introduced to notify users of new builds and other related news.

– Minor bug fixes



Version 0.69a (16/2/2015)

-Fixed multiplayer bug that could prevent matches from starting.



 Version 0.68a

NOTE : we found a bug in networking code that can prevent multiplayer matches from starting correctly… Uploading new version.

– Better first loading procedure

– Improved realtime lighting

– Fixed multiplayer bug


Version  0.67a 

First public Alpha, pretty basic, we will improve this, add more install options and infos etc, but for the moment, simply :

Download the game > unzip it >move it to a folder of choice >  double click DroneGP icon > PLAY !