DroneGP 15

DroneGP 15

FrozenPepper is very excited to announce the all new Drone GP 15  which will bring a whole new dimension to racing games !
Realistic physics, advanced avionics and totally new racing genre create a unique racing experience.
In DroneGP you will grow as a racing drone pilot through various classes of vehicles on many different tracks.
Starting with small, light and easy to control multicopters you will learn to master the whole new dimension to races that DroneGP 15 brings, you’ll follow ideal curve lines in 3d space and try to improve your lap times as you would on a car racing game.


Vehicle simulation is driven only by pure physics realism, all vehicles have a “flight controller” on board exactly as real life ones, and this allows us to tune the experience towards arcade or simulation avid users. (Example, a Drone can be way easier to fly if his flight controller takes care of countering inertia, or limits tilt angles so to limit speed etc..)


AI players fly the physically realistic vehicles just like you granting a challenging and always changing race experience and multiplayer allows for epic multiplayer races !
Very rich audio design and oculus support for full immersion !
The game will be released (soon) for Mac and PC, as well for iOS and Android (newer devices).
Game adapts to platforms providing different detail levels, number of players , models and many other settings,  please don’t consider it a port, the whole project begun with multi platform in mind and experience on Pc or Mobile should be exactly the same as if we had worked planning to release on only one of the platforms.



Oh.. and… There is a free “multiplayer oriented” alpha version available now for Mac and PC  !

Some screenshots :