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WWTouch is a comprehensive 3-D map-based, strategy game that was built specifically with the amazing functionality of the iPad in mind. If you are into immersive strategy games like Axis & Allies, WWTouch is exactly what you have been waiting for.

WWTouch supports up to 5 players at a time playing on the same iPad as you try and build your armies and defeat your friends in the quest for global resource domination. Think of WWTouch as the most advanced strategy board game you can play. Choose from 9 types of armies and weapons to build and to ultimately control land, air and sea. The more territories and resources you have, the more armies, ships and planes you can build and thus the more you can expand your empire.

From huge maps (the entire world) to small maps (North and South America) to a medium sized battle in Europe and Africa, you can play the as in-depth or as quickly as you have time for.

WWTouch is played in landscape mode but flip the iPad to portrait to see the latest results of the game via a newspaper layout. Also in portrait mode is an in-depth manual explaining all the rules of the game. Choose from 3 different levels of Artificial Intelligence as you go head to head (to head) against computer opponents.

If West Point isn’t using WWTouch for Advanced Officer Training, they soon will be!

Features :
– up to 5 players on the same iPad – sort of a modern board game
– 9 type of units will let you move and attack from land, air and sea
– different map sizes for short or long matches
– 3 levels of AI difficulty to play against
– can mix players between Human and Ai
– full 3d map
– Built for ipad unique capabilities
– IN game newspaper updated each turn will let you know how the conflict is evolving.
– full game manual accessible and browsable as book from within the game.
– more….


Join the community on wwtouch.com forums, share info, suggestions, feedback and strategies with other players and the developers!

** NOTE : Transport plane when built, already has 2 infantry units inside, simply move the transport plane to the territory you want to attack and 2 infantry units will be delivered in combat (when you press attack for the first time). If you prefer you can move your transport plane to a friendly territory and drop the 2 infantry troops there to reinforce it. (plane will not be available anymore).

** NOTE 2 : If you start the game with the iPad held (or locked) in portrait mode, you will reach the game manual, simply turn your iPad to landscape orientation and main menu will be displayed.

** NOTE 3 : To activate AI Players, touch the human icon on the game setup screen, it will change to a computer if AI is selected, tap the stars to set AI difficulty.

What’s New in the latest update (1.37) :
– Improved AI land behavior
– Improved AI sea behavior
– Much improved touch response
– Various bug fixes
– Reduced memory footprint (more stable with apps in background)
– Added note in manual instructing player how to reach menu from there.


  • iPad


In collaboration with:

Pietro Paolini