Rc Plane 2 1.6 Update

#Update, thanks to your reports we found a bug affecting accelerometer controls,very very sorry for this, fix is imminent.


Hi all !

We have finally submitted to apple for review a major update to RC Plane 2 bringing a TON of fixes and a totally new scenario !  I took us a pretty long time for various reasons, main of which is that we upgraded the base game engine and many things had to be re-done, re-tested, re-setted up…..

Hopefully in about 10 days (but it doesn’t depend from us at this point) the update will be live on the AppStore.

Here are some of the things you will find in the update :

– New scenario , City with support for ww2 ops, airbus, cargo, racer, and fire-fighter  game modes !

– general major bug fixing

– ww2 Ops landing not detected glitch FIXED

– Shuttle mode now detects landings correctly

– Multiplayer combat, while landed you should not be killable anymore

– Multiplayer bug fixes in general

– Cargo missions re-balanced (added time 😉 ).

– General minor bugs fixed

– Performance increase, huge on newer devices (iPad 2 and up)

.- more….

– even more..


And here a few, fast, screenshots of the new scenario, which is very rich of details and obstacles for cool manoeuvres :