RC Plane 2 1.8 (released)

We are very happy to announce that version 1.8 of RC Plane 2 has been submitted to apple for review and will soon be available to download.

** EDIT: 4/6 The update has been approved and is now online and available on the AppStore! Enjoy! **

New version will bring :

– A new map ! Airfield, explore and fight in a military airfield with lots of hangars, obstacles and space !  Airfield scenario was made with multiplayer in mind and it’s the only one in RC Plane 2 with different spawn airfields for Air Duel multiplayer game mode, so that you and your enemy won’t spawn on the same airfield. Scenario comes with Air Racer, Cargo, Airbus and VTOL game mode missions.

– Drone bundle : Take control of a quadcopter and a hexacopter. Each one comes in 2 version,  with electronic stabilization and without for the maximum agility.

– New music track for Air Duel Multiplayer mode !

– More planes available in multiplayer!  A lot of you asked for this, so we started working on it.  RC Plane 2 multiplayer code was the first experiment with multiplayer we had ever done, so it’s a bit of a mess to work with, and especially adding and testing planes for it is not an easy task. At the moment VTOL’s and Drones are not playable in multiplayer, not sure if we will ever manage to add them to Plane 2 multiplayer, but we’ll surely try.

– A ton of bug fixes in multiplayer mode !

– Bug fixes across the whole game.


Great thanks to all of  our fantastic users, your feedback is more than appreciated and fundamental to keep Rc Plane 2 going !