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Giochi realizzati per l’IPad

RC Heli 2

PRICE: 1,99$ After a solid year of long, hard work, Ethervision, Frozen Pepper and iDev2 bring you RC Heli 2 radio controlled simulation and racing iPhone and iPad application. We’ve rebuilt the entire application from scratch, implementing all new physics and very crisp graphics optimized for the iPhone 4 retina […]


PRICE: 2,99$ WWTouch is a comprehensive 3-D map-based, strategy game that was built specifically with the amazing functionality of the iPad in mind. If you are into immersive strategy games like Axis & Allies, WWTouch is exactly what you have been waiting for. WWTouch supports up to 5 players at […]

RC Plane

PRICE: FREE Fly and RC Plane through a realistic country side scenario. Realistic flight, and great looking 3D graphics will amuse every kind of player. – 3 camera angles: Follow : follows plane from close behind giving player a great view angle and control. Fixed : fly your RC Plane as […]

Piranha Pond

The pond is peaceful, the piranha’s are NOT. PRICE: 0,99$ TO FEED: SHAKE DEVICE TO FEED YOUR PIRANHA DELICIOUS KOI. The koi fish food are decorated in three vibrant colors: blue and white; orange and white and black and yellow. The piranha find them all equally delicious. Piranha certainly like to […]


3-D heli flying action right in your fingertips! PRICE: 2,99$ Race your Heli through the house, playground or Warehouse as fast as you can… ONLINE GLOBAL LEADER BOARDS: Post the best scores and see how you compare against your friends and the world. Hone your RC Heli flying in free flight […]

Rc Heli

FLY YOUR HELI AS FAST AS YOU CAN!! PRICE: 1,99$ RC Heli is a fast and furious 3-D indoor racing helicopter game. Compare high scores with friends on Global Leaderboards and Facebook and Twitter.vThe Race is On: Hunt down all the gold coins on each track. One is by the […]

Mr. Smith

GAME AND STRESS RELIEVER PRICE: 0,99$ Mr. Smith can be anybody you want, your boss, colleague, whoever annoys you; punch, kick him or even strike him with an asteroid. Now with Ragdoll Lab, where you can drag Mr.Smith 3D ragdoll around with your finger, trow him, shoot him, “launch him” and […]