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Music producer and sound designer for Frozen Pepper.

Christmas 2012: Frozen Pack!

Hi! We are very happy to announce that we’ve completed various updates to our games which will be available in the next few days. We have a lot of news so let’s begin early! RC Plane 2 –┬áNEW: Space Shuttle Mode: a tribute to this king of planes. The game […]

1948: Dawn of Future released!

Hello! We’re here to announce that our latest game 1948: Dawn of Future is available on the AppStore! AppStore link Features: – Free to Play! – Online dogfighting / co-op game with rpg structure. – More than 70 levels and ranks available. – 3 maps (2 included from the beginning). […]

The Christmas PACK! Updates

Hello there! First of all, thanks to you people for the intensive feedback and support showed in these months. Since we released the latest 1.2 update for RcPlane 2 we’ve been silent but we didn’t stop working. Today, we want to talk about lots of new things coming up in […]