New project tease….

Long has passed since an update from us…. sorry for this.  Great thanks for the continued support, suggestions and bug reporting !   Even if we seem silent , we take note of everything and greatly appreciate it ! Soon new infos about future updates of  Rc Plane 2 will be posted, but  now, we are here to tease you with something new….

We have been working madly on a new plane combat game, and we are finally ready to share a few screenshots and infos of it.

We don’t yet have a final title for it, and we are calling it  “1948” for the moment  (but expect a different name later on).  The game will mainly be focused around multiplayer battles, with capture the flag and deathmatch modes implemented.

We will soon post much more info, screenshots and possibly videos to, in the meantime, here are the first pics :