RC Plane 2 – v0.9 – Tuscan Scenario

Work is going on madly on new RC Plane 2 and while we can’t yet be sure about a release date (soon 🙂 ) here is a first view of the new MAIN scenario for the game that we have recently finished implementing and testing, trimming it to perform well on all the iOs devices we support.

The scenario is based on the tuscan country side (FrozenPepper is based in tuscany 😉 ).

First and main thing to say about the new scenario is that it’s HUGE ! We have heard a lot of feedback about first RC plane country side scenario, and a lot of user wanted a bigger one, so we decided that while we could not provide all of the scenarios in such huge formats, the main one would be the biggest that we could make it preserving a decent amount of ground detail and obstacles. 6 villages with 6 “rc airfields” populate the map plus a lake to handle hydro planes all reachable with your RC Planes !

Among the screenshots you will see the in game map (tap the pause button to reach it), 6 villages with 6 “rc airfields” populate the map plus a lake to handle hydro planes.

Map can be navigated by swiping and zoom in and out performed with the usual pinch gestures we are so used to on iOs devices.
The yellow lines on the map are there to help planning your approach to the various airfields. Also the various game modes targets will be shown on the map to help user plan his moves.

And , yes, the c130 cargo bay can be opened and closed, cargo can be unloaded 😉

Stay tuned for more info about RC Plane 2 …