RC Plane Explorer F.A.Q.

Here you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about RC Plane Explorer !


How do I “discover animal species” ?

Each biome has various animal species that populate it, birds, ground animals and maybe something even in the seas…. Each time you re-create a biome your discovered species counter for that biome will reset. To Discover a species simply tap on an animal the first time you see a specimen of that species, a text should then warn you that you have a discovered a species.


How do I find “secret coins”  ?

Each time you will create a scenario some secret coins will be scattered across it. Coins are very small and hard to find and collect, but some clues can help you. Red circles in the map highlight an area where a coin can be found, and when close to it, you should hear a tingling sound to help you refine your search.


Do I have to discover everything in a scenario to get the score ? 

No, your general exploration score is constantly updated with every little progress you make. If you are bored of a scenario you can re-create when and as many times as you want, even if you haven’t completed the various research tasks (as discovering 100% of the map, all animals etc).  But, you will get a score bonus for :

  • Revealing 100% of the map
  • Discovering all animal species
  • Collecting all secret coins


I have purchased some planes in RC Plane 3, how do I unlock them in RC Plane Explorer ?

Simply login with you username and password from RC Plane 3 and all your purchases should transfer correctly. If you have never set up a password in RC Plane 3, launch it and from the the user panel (tap on your username in the Main Menu, press “Set Password”, which will allow you to complete your account. Once you have a username and password, you can use them to login in RC Plane Explorer and have all of your content unlocked.

WARNING: we can’t guarantee that this procedure will continue to work in the future as according to the store (Ex: AppStore) some store specific rules might limit cross in-app sharing behaviour. We are committed to do all we can to keep it working, but will have to comply with store rules if asked to.





This F.A.Q. will grow as we receive more questions from you, don’t be shy, contact us with any question you have and will reply as soon as possible, common questions and answers will end up here.