1948: Dawn Of Future – Plane setup informations

Hi everybody!

We’re working in a rush to complete the new upcoming game 1948: Dawn Of Future and are finally able to share some more about it.


First of all: this game will be free to play and have an internal credit system, credits that  you will earn playing it  (and / or purchase as in-app).

You will then use them to  equip your plane with many different items, weapons and systems.


At the end of WW2,  the two emerging superpowers (USA and URSS) get hold of secret alien technologies that where being researched by the nazis, this triggers a deadly and secret race between them to acquire the new mysterious tech.

USA and URSS  scientists, working around the clock in hidden locations,  are retro-engineering  the retrieved wrecked ships. Their great effort will provide new plane designs and equipments, to prevail on the enemy.


First step :

Plane selection,  each plane has unique characteristics that will suit different combat situations.


The main parameters for each plane will be :

– load : the maximum weight a certain plane can carry.  (quite fundamental as this is the main limiting factor of what you can install on your plane)

– speed : basically how a specific frame can handle high speeds

– handling :  the maneuverability of the plane

– resistance :  how many hits the hull can take .


Second step :


Main systems setup,   in this section of the menu you will select :

– Engines

player will be able to choose among various different kinds, each one with specific performance / weight impact.  (ex : “old” propeller engines against advanced prototype jet engines..)


– Avionic 1

These  add-ons will mainly improve resistance, speed or handling of your plane.


– Avionic 2

Here you can find stuff like EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) devices and their countermeasures.

Example : An EMP shot won’t damage the opponents but will disable their vehicles electronics, making them unable to use the radar and other fundamental instruments.


– Radar

To be able to locate and even to lock enemies you will need a radar. Different radars will have different ranges and refresh speeds.



Third Step :

Now we will select the weapon load of the plane.

– Primary weapon (Cannon)

Here the player will select the main weapon for his plane, different cannons will have different fire rates and calibers.


– Secondary weapons (Missiles)

Various types of homing missiles with different weight, agility factor and reliability. Or you might go for rockets, they will not follow the locked target, but are very cheap and yet powerful when hitting opponents.


– Tertiary weapons

Category dedicated to super special weapons.       And for the time being : secret  😉


– Flares

Not only evasion manouvers can save you from an homing missile, flares will be an important part of your defensive strategy. Once released they have a chance to interfere with incoming  missiles
guidance system and (hopefully) make them safely explode far from your plane.



Fourth step :



As usual all that we are showing is still in development phase, so something might change….    Soon we will post more infos about available game modes and general gameplay.