RC Plane Explorer Preview

Sorry for having been silent for so long, but we have been working madly to bring our custom procedural scenario engine to RC Plane after having tested it for first time in Endless Drive. We are now very happy with the result and we can finally introduce “RC Plane Explorer”  (temporary title, another possibility is “RC Plane Wild Lands”, poll will probably come soon, but please, share your title proposals in the comments).

Game is focused on free flight and exploration. You will be able to pick a “biome” in the main menu and customise and re-generate a scenario base on such biome as many times as you want with infinite possible variations.

Each time you generate a new scenario, you will be able  to explore it by revealing it’s map, discovering the animal species it hosts and finding randomly scattered “secret coins”, each of this actions will grant you some score to compete on a global “explorers leaderboard”.

The game shares most of the interface with RC Plane 3 to maintain a familiar experience, and all your plane purchases will transfer flawlessly thanks to our account system, so a plane purchased in RC Plane 3 will be available in RC Plane Explorer and vice-versa.

Procedural scenario tech allows for a greatly reduced install and download size and much smoother performances.

Stay tuned for more info soon !