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The Christmas PACK! Updates

Hello there! First of all, thanks to you people for the intensive feedback and support showed in these months. Since we released the latest 1.2 update for RcPlane 2 we’ve been silent but we didn’t stop working. Today, we want to talk about lots of new things coming up in […]

New Logo idea

In the “free time” we worked on a new possible Logo for FrozenPepper, it’s simpler and hopefully more stylish , but we would love to hear what you have to say about it before changing it: Let us know what you think about it in the comments !

FrozenPepper Studio Opening

I’m very happy to announce that after 2 years of working through internet with freelancers, FrozenPepper studio begun working last monday ! While continuing the great collaboration with iDev2 and Ethervision, FrozenPepper studio will allow a much higher quality on the products we will release from now on, and Rc […]

Rc Plane 2 version 1.2, WW2 Ops planes

Here we are to post the first screenshots of the planes that will come together with the “WW2 Ops” bundle. The german fighter plane will be unlocked once all the combat missions will have been completed (at no additional charge) and it will be usable in Air Duel mode to. […]

Thanks Steve

All the FrozenPepper staff says good bye to the man who helped shape the world we are living in (the good side of it), and express condolences to his family who lost a loved member. There aren’t many words we can say, moment is tragic, but surely we will always […]

RC Plane 1 free

RC Plane  1 (the first version) is by now aging, and we decided that nothing would have been better to celebrate it, than releasing it free !  We well know all the problems the first RC plane had and worked hard to improve on all aspects with RC plane 2, […]