FrozenPepper Studio Opening

I’m very happy to announce that after 2 years of working through internet with freelancers, FrozenPepper studio begun working last monday !

While continuing the great collaboration with iDev2 and Ethervision, FrozenPepper studio will allow a much higher quality on the products we will release from now on, and Rc Plane 2, with the 1.2 update, will be the first product to benefit from the studio work.

Davide Cecchi and Livio Morganti are the first full time employees of FrozenPepper new structure and have already been working hardly for the last week on next Rc plane 2 update.

Livio is the new lead artist and modeler , (plus he is a good game designer to), and as freelance, was responsible for RC Plane 2 scenarios, being employed full time you will see amazing things from him ! (New Planes in RC Plane 2 1.2 are made by him). Needless to say, that yes, you will soon see new scenarios, nicer than the actual ones, made by him !

Davide, sound designer and great music composer, has already worked with us since long time. Expect a ton of improvements on the music and sound effects side of the game (especially the sound effects, have already improved a lot, and next update of RC plane 2 will show it).

Office is still a mess, but here is a first photo of Davide and Livio working (Livio on the left desk, Davide on the right one, the empty one is mine).