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Thanks Steve

All the FrozenPepper staff says good bye to the man who helped shape the world we are living in (the good side of it), and express condolences to his family who lost a loved member. There aren’t many words we can say, moment is tragic, but surely we will always […]

RC Plane 1 free

RC Plane  1 (the first version) is by now aging, and we decided that nothing would have been better to celebrate it, than releasing it free !  We well know all the problems the first RC plane had and worked hard to improve on all aspects with RC plane 2, […]

Rc Plane 2 Air Duel

  Here I am to post some infos about  the new feature that will very soon be available for RC Plane 2 : Multiplayer Air Duel ! First thing, when will it come and why it took so long ? We have had some last minute issues with the game […]

RC Plane 2 Feedback and FAQ

We continually strive to make RC Plane 2 better and better. We’d love to hear what you think. See if your question is answered here and if not, reach out to us using the form below. 1. Q: I made an in-app purchase again and it did not unlock for […]

Rc Plane 2 – Launch Center

UPDATE 3 – We finally have an official release date, RC Plane 2 will be available on the appstore from the 29th of June 2011 . Great thanks to all for the patience !   UPDATE 2 – game has not yet been approved, it usually takes between 1 and […]

Rc Plane 2 – Submitted to Apple

Rc Plane 2 version 1 is finally ready, we sent it to Apple for review  (we need Apple’s approval before the game can become available on the appStore), so hopefully in a few days it will be available ! We are VERY VERY thankful for all the comments, feedback, suggestions […]

Rc Heli 2.15 coming ! (CRASH FIX)

While still working a major update for RC Heli 2 which will bring a new training scenario and other improvements, we have completed an update to address a nasty bug that came with last update. At the moment, if you select “accelerometer” as control system, once you will try to […]